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ES 5-9-17

shorter video today....don't see great opportunities today but the video l sums it up
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

EDIT : I usually expect more than one tpo print at weekly highs and lows on breakouts or if we go up above last weeks high in one 30 minute period and close above it then I would expect at some time to see a second tpo at last weeks high print

edit 9:36 remember the words of doctor brett.."failure to hold above or below an overnight high or low targets the overnight midrange" we could also add to this that failure to take out an overnight high or low targets the midrange....bottom line is to be looking real close at the 98 area now !
gap in the data from yesterday at will be real interesting if the day session today needs to repair that one
I'm seeing no signs of any breakout type of volume in the first 15 minutes and going right to the r1 and driving down and stopping exactly to the overnight midpoint are more clues for us so far as to who is trading this
I do not see gap at 2392.25 yesterday. What time frame are you looking at? Possibly a difference due to data feed?

Originally posted by BruceM

gap in the data from yesterday at will be real interesting if the day session today needs to repair that one
97.25 is first 30 minute vpoc.....any pushes up should see a return to that...very limited opportunity i am looking for new shorts above the overnight highs to return to that 97 area....
one minute...I have that on IB data and think or swim
nice battle at the overnight high, yd high, last weeks high and the R1 ...all in the same area but I still want that 97.25 but will try to get out at 97.50 if i can
would be more confident if we didn't have two different one minute bars with highs exactly at 2400....but once again we know the big players aren't in here right now
i went flat at 2399.25 which was entry plan is to try once more if they can get stops run out at 2400
I'm trying small buys at 98.25 and 97.25.....that 2400 has spooked me out of short side right now
Bruce, are you still long from 9725/9825 area since it is past your trading window (11:00 am ET)?
i dont know much orderflow
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