ES 5-10-17

Making this on Tuesday night for Wednesday trade...hoping to refine areas if time before market opens in the morning
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edit : Update 9:18 Wednesday morning
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please let me know if you can hear these
posted a quick update video above.....
one last thing - nuances tend to get repaired....not always the next day but they tend to get revisited
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first key RTH longs went on at Overnight midpoint ..going in small with plan to work the 89.50 and 88 if needed
scaling one tic below close of YD which is VA low...try to hold something for 94
first 15 minute volume is lower then YD so we may still see the buyers step in other words I don't see strong signs of selling on the push down so far at least
well, it was only longs for me but I'm not holding out for the 94 last long came off at 92.50.....the most interesting thing for me today was seeing how that overnight POC of time stopped price and that was telling me that they are still watching the low from mondays trade carefully...probability traders will be thinking about the 60 minute high or low and the overnight high or low but my 90 minutes is up for today...good luck......value is building lower than yesterday and now Volume is higher than yesterday...basically we seem to be consolidating ( are we accepting price) under yesterdays VA low and that late day selling in "M" period that was retraced towards the close yesterday...good luck and be careful on the longside...pops up may just run into the pOc and the pivot and roll back down..

also we have poor lows and high in todays trade meaning that only one tic sticks out on the profile

I added this video as often what I am trying to type and convey comes across better with a video
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i added a video to my above post to hopefully clarify some things that pass through my brain
video? thanks
oh i see above
I'm doing a small late day short from 95.75 to target the multiple lows at 94...pic will follow
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cool...almost perfect short trade....I'm sitting out any long try for that 96.25 gap but would be using 92- 94 as a support zone...u really don't want see it hitting under 92 now if you are trying the aggressive long....remember gaps in the data are my least favorite nuance !

i dont see the gap.. overnight it went to that.

pls ignore this.. i cant change it or delete this.