ES 5-17-17

I forgot to mention that last WEEKs VA low is at 2388 so that adds more confluence to that area and buyers will really need to hold above there in RTH to have any shot at recovering from this news related selling. Here are the key areas I will be using today. I've also included a hard copy which includes most but not all the key areas for those who don't have time or don't care to hear me ramble. the hard copy is the weekly chart. It also includes the 2396 number not shown on the video. Really should be a zone between 96 - 98.
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edit : adding a new video in 9:25 a.m
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Thanks is the finale for me today but it shows how I am always looking at those weekly swings and trying to incorporate overnight data to confirm day session areas
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we need to get back over those 75 - 76 swing lows and soon or I am covering my tiny concern in general is that volume is high, and we have a bell curve center around 70 and we have a poor low at there are good targets for sellers if they keep pushing and I am not going to be caught in a further down draft

a quick pic of those lows that are bugging me from may 3rd and 4th

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well runner stopped and took one last try off the 70.50 but got a terrible fill at 71.25
trying for 74 as that is high of april 24th trading day...if a poc is going to hold from a particular day then we should be able to retest the highs of that day...will edit with a video
ok now I am really done posting...this explains my last post about the poc and coming back out of the high which it did.....even with the terrible fill it turned out this video explains that and some brief volume work that I look at on TOS
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the afternoon traders who are bold will be buying or trying to buy the 57 - 58 area looking to see if they can get price to probe up and out of the 62 - 63.50 highs...todays selling structure isn't that "pretty" meaning it has some spike and edges above......but those could take a few days to fill in