ES 5-19-17

Numbers and zones I'm looking at...going easy today, it's friday and prefer to see some mean reversion down from the 69 - 70 area to try and get to 65.50...will be watching breakout up in case they need to put in more tpo's at that weekly i will be watching Volume/Ticks closely if we come out of YD's highs

No video below? Try this link: Friday_numbers.swf

a quick look at the weekly

No video below? Try this link: weekly.swf

how the options market is pricing moves today

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I'm looking to sell the opening range low as that will put us back UNDER the overnight highs....and if that doesn't happen then I will look for shorts in the 74 - 76 area
first 15 minute volume is high so far today so be careful on fades if you take them
starting small shorts at 78.75...remember what 79 means on weekly bar......high risk up here..I'll try for a retest of YD's highs but keeping a tight watch on this one
revising target to 75.75 ...
first 30 minute vpoc should be around 73.50....hopefully help pull this back down
Hardly any negative TICKs so far.
I added on new highs at 2380.25 ....... gap in the data at 77.50 so I'm a bit heavy up here and will take SOMETHING off at that gap...mismanaged exit earlier...... 81.75 may be target for longs pushing up here.....c/mon gap work some magic
that gap is right at total days vpoc
here is the gap in the data as we trade.....after this I'm going to sign up as a bulletproof vest tester !!!!
No video below? Try this link: gap_in_the_data_in_action.swf

average in price for me is now 80.25 with this new probe up....
I couldn't agree more ( not the "I'm the dumbest person I know" part) that 99 % of the time it is just better to take the loss, clear your head and try again....
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Interesting to see your gap in data thing Bruce, thanks for sharing.
The whole averaging in thing is hard to watch for me based on personal experience. Not judging those who do it at all!! (I'm the dumbest person I know, trust me) But when I have done it in the past with very defined areas to get in, it would end up being a trend day and massive pain would occur, my account just couldn't take the beating. So now I just take my lumps and look for the next trade...and today I just shut it down because the lumps were to large and to frequent. Hate going into the weekend, as if I just spent a night in prison.
Good weekend to all!!

Thanks again Bruce for sharing your thoughts and making the vids!!