ES Thursday 6-15-17

number and zones I'm looking at this morning...options have a 19 point one sd move between now and Fridays close, if we take that from the 4 pm close of Yd then it gets us down to 2417 ! So lots of numbers down here now for confluence....I can't be a seller with all that going on down there..prefer to be a buyer
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Thanks Avid..I wonder what these longer term folks are thinking now....we are under weekly open , under last weeks POC and the VA low from last week and we are forming an inside week ( at least so far) with value overlapping on both sides of last weeks glad I'm just a grunt day trader ....long term moves are so hard to figure out but I would think that they certainly don't want to see many more tests of last weeks buying tail.......that would put us in the "balloon popping" category/analogy I mentioned ala Dalton this 16 - 18 zone has lots of importance I think and we don't seem to be able to get back over the POC from monday any more..Ym could see 21200 today if this gives way and ES could go to that 2409 area......just saying....I obviously have no idea and all probabilities are used up for me now anyway
this will be interesting to see if it happens...this weeks current POC sits up at 2436 and is 20 tpo's wide....the 2422 area is 15 wide....I wouldn't be surprised to see the POC eventually flip down to 2422 which would require 5 more tpo's to print at that level to be the same width as the 2436 above
as long as 29.50 holds back this drive up then we can expect yesterdays lows to print again and fill in single prints at 2425.25....seems like this just may be Europe closing up and not true buying
forgot to post this....why 29.50 may be important
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