ES Friday 6-16-17

Lines I am working seems to me that we need to fill in some of the weekly profile so my bias is for short trades outside of Yd's highs as long as we can keep it under 36 - 37.75...I'd like to see pivot area tested at Ym especially if they push up into the 10 point range of 21346- 21356 today
No video below? Try this link: lines.swf

plan to start shorts in 32.50 area today and above and use 2430.50 as a target
just went flat at print of more trades for me...hope all have a great weekend

edit ..official pivot / floor number has been hit !!
Way to get in/out Bruce.. Im still watching as we're down here at today's Pivot and yesterday's volume VAH (27.50). We may get a short term bounce here
another tpo put in at 2422....too funny..
2425 -2427 holds the key for all who need to be trading now
boy, that was a quick open and drive and we have taken out both sides of the time value area from YD...I think with the pivot at 27 ( that is also afternoon pullback low ala Dalton) and the midrange and YD's poc at 25 then that is the zone bulls will have to retake in order to have a chance today......Dalton always says the market is about change so the longer we stay under that 27 swing then the worse it will look for bulls...note where wednesdays lows are too and why the POC formed where it did
how the lines are looking on my favorite chart shown in the video up against today's action so far

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19 tpo's at a price 2422 more and we will tie the 2436 number above
This market is stair stepping down now and I would imagine we'll hit the Volume POC from yesterday of 19.75 next, as Bruce pointed out the 22 area keeps being tested
Originally posted by BruceM

19 tpo's at a price 2422 more and we will tie the 2436 number above

Tie would mean that we dont touch 2436? thanks
here is what I was trying to say in last post....what you make of it is up to you
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