ES Friday 6-16-17

Lines I am working seems to me that we need to fill in some of the weekly profile so my bias is for short trades outside of Yd's highs as long as we can keep it under 36 - 37.75...I'd like to see pivot area tested at Ym especially if they push up into the 10 point range of 21346- 21356 today
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I'm not sure exactly what that means but so far the midpnt of the week is at 2429 so that is exactly the split between the two POC's we see....each POC no has 20 tpo's yet on my data it hasn't flipped down because they paint POC's as the closest one to the this case the midpoint is perfectly in between the POC with 20 tpo's up at 2436 and the one at 2422 with 20 tpo's....hope that rambkle makes sense...oh damn...let me make a quick video ;
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19 tpo's at a price 2422 more and we will tie the 2436 number above

Tie would mean that we dont touch 2436? thanks
here is what I was trying to say in last post....what you make of it is up to you
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