ES Friday 6-23-17

very poor environment for trading and it's Friday...first chart shows the breakdown point from yesterday in "M" period...( I split it out) that 36 - 37 is the price sellers want to see it stay under in order to get poor lows mentioned yesterday ( R1 is at 2437 too) we have some confluence there
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second chart is my favorite and shows how we had two bell curves yesterday separated by a low time spot at 33- 34.....Pivot number today is 33.50 for more confluence.
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we also had the close right near center of lower bell at 31.50 and that is only two points away from the pivot/ low time area that makes things more difficult when we have numbers close by

S1 sits down at 2428 which is right near wednesdays poor low and the poc from last week at 2427..........we also have a poor high from yesterday so we can't get too bearish with that sitting up there.......good luck today...I think we will need plan is to trade for 33.25 test from 2435 and above here in Overnight session...not very grand byt that will have us hitting back to current overnight midpoint which happens to be the VA low from yesterday too
Just noting the PD high and O/N high held up at 38.50-39, looks like we're getting a nice reaction off this level