Es Monday 6-26-17

coming up on a seasonally bullish period but us day traders just use the lines and a few probabilities.....seems like the 2441 area will be most important today to decide if they want to rally it up into the 45 - 47 or roll it over down into the 37 - 38 area.......shorts off the 41 and higher should try for 39 area ( daily pivot is there) and lower into 37 and shorts off the 45 - 47 area should try for the 41 retest. Take a look at what happened last monday so you don't get too crazy on fades
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

how my lines are looking on my favorite chart as per the video so far today
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45.25 is the lowest time spot of last I would like to see a retest of the Va high of 6-20 at 2443.75...sellers really need to get back in value from that day but we now have a poor one tic high on the we have some conflicts on our shorts
I am averaged in at 44.75, right at BE, would like to see that 43.75 test
took r2 at 44.25 and holding two runners just in case.......I know that VA high is nearby and I want to find reasons to get out as soon as I can.....keep in mind that the lowest time AREA from last week runs from 43.50 - 45.25 and I do not trust anything about this area and they may just spend time filling it in instead of giving me the selloff I wanted ...bottom line is that I always want to get out as fast as I can when I have averaged into trade areas
only one runner now and will try to be a pig to try for 41.50.....we still have a poor high but in low volume you will see those more often.........
Ok Bruce only runner now and waiting for 42 area
there comes ur 41.5
Ohh Bingo I am out now, we took some heat but finally relief
this pig is well done for today
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Ditto that Bruce.. great analysis and great calls!
thanks for taking the time and udating