Es Monday 6-26-17

coming up on a seasonally bullish period but us day traders just use the lines and a few probabilities.....seems like the 2441 area will be most important today to decide if they want to rally it up into the 45 - 47 or roll it over down into the 37 - 38 area.......shorts off the 41 and higher should try for 39 area ( daily pivot is there) and lower into 37 and shorts off the 45 - 47 area should try for the 41 retest. Take a look at what happened last monday so you don't get too crazy on fades
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

selling the open today with plan to add up at 45 if needed and revising target to 2440 as first target
filled at 42.75 ...need to get below 41 and quick or this may be a problem...45.25 is add point
41.25 is poc from 6-20 ..FWIW and if you add in we should think of using that as a first target instead...revising add point to 2443.75 as it is VA high from 6-20...keeping it small still
keep in mind that we will get either R2 or R1 today ...95 % probability...I'd like it to be R1 at 39.50
spoke too soon R2 just printed
Hey Bruce, I also have the Volume POC for Weds at 41.75 and Volume VA High at 45.25. We opened outside of of Friday's VA High and PD Highs.. Note there was a double top Friday at 38.75 and the Volume VA High is 38.00, areas of interest for the short side
last add went on at 46.25...averaged in now price is 2444.75...this is one sd up off 4 pm close and low time edge...expecting retests of 45.25 but that doesn't leave much room for an actual tests of last weeks Va high either we just opened and drove higher....selling calls up here in spy for wednesday expriy
was forced to lighten some of this up at my 45 line......but can now add in again at 47 - 48 if it prints
like to add in at 2447 if it, they are making mondays difficult
trading for a retest of 45.25 the 47 - 48 area...not digging this trading today !!!
thanks for taking the time and udating