ES Tuesday 7-11-17

Yesterday closed at the center of it's range so the R1 and S1 are at YD's high and low. The pivot ends up at the close. Because of the time spent trying to negotiate Fridays vpoc, I think we need to watch 2422.50 - 2224.50 as our key zone today. Yesterday was another low volume up day so I'd like to see the sellers I was expecting yesterday show up today. Overmight Vpoc is at 22.75 so that confirms that area. Overnight high stopped at Yd's RTH VPOC so that 27 area needs to be on your radar. Not much else to say right now but will get to an after the fact video later
I'm trading as if we are coming back to 2422.50 as a magnet
scaling heavy at 2422.75
filled on runners at 2416 and ammo and I consider this a lucky trade considering the poor high
I covered calls sold yesterday a bit too early it seems...Price was near 2418 when I bough them back
expecting retests of 2417 as it last weeks VA low but best to use options of at least have a bias to longside on day trades
calls I covered from YD
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For those who follow the profile or those who don't have the charts....this is the last 4 days with today unfolding....Look at Yesterdays trade and Fridays trade ...note the "P" formation and classic short covering clues....couple that with low volume and we have a market that was getting too long perhaps....also look how the single print breakout point from last thursdays has stopped the decline so far
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here is how I played that wasn't much but a good little trade considering I was trying to manage calls sold and ES futures short day trade at the same time
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as usual bruce great work.
some core concepts
No video below? Try this link: core_concepts_001.swf

we'd all be rich if we had some money each time I many things , I just need a break some times.....I'm hoping sometime in September ( also know as Zeptember to us Zeppelin fans) to dive into actual entries a bit more instead of focusing on just the areas of interest.......My father use to tell me they looked like such pretty "girls" here they are for anyone who needs to be by "The Ocean" on a warm summer day

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