ES Thursday 7-27-17

key zone 79.50 - 81.50 then 85 and 88 above if buyers really take over ...otherwise I think we will EVENTUALLY drift back to 75.50......keep 1/2 gap fill in mind too but we need to stay under 79.50 for that to come into play as with all our downside targets including the 77.50 that I am trying to use as a target....very well defined bell curve yesterday and On is net long but even so be careful of a valid upside breakout just in explains the rest
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that's great...u ever see this...nice eye candy

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Be wary of that rain Bruce

Thanks for the videos...videos in the afternoon for 5k a month...a deal at twice the price :-)
this might be my new theme song...and they are scottish....part of the "M" in BruceM....LOL...ok...I'm a mutt though...a great tune though...saw them with Smashing pumpkins sometime in the 90's......

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that's great...u ever see this...nice eye candy

WOW, a couple of ways :-)
some comments about value on weekly and going over some of those pdf setups from two weeks ago...price on a weekly level seems to have run a bit too far away from value( this weeks devopeing poc)...they may need to build tpo's in the 65 - 67 area now
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