ES Tuesday 8-22-17

Lines as I see them and a hard copy who don't want to hear me ramble but second video...( Which I will make now and add to this post) may be helpful to some
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the below chart doesn't show yesterdays trade...
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EDIT : The options and the correct way to look at the standard deviations and my mistake of using the Expected move in TOS....also why today has a one SD move up or down of 16 points
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spx is up 16 .63 we are in the 16 % place we shouldn't close on spx,
one time framing up...lets see if we can get something to break down once Europe closes up shop...
Dalton use to call this the "early warning" - a short covering rally "P" profile that forms in the middle of the day...even if we go higher he looks at it as the first sign that buyers are getting tired....and all this because of Boeing stock ???
Nice Options Explanation Bruce
thanks sharks my 2440 call lost 900 bucks today....I also sold the wednesday expiry of 2445 and the friday expiry of 2445......weekly one sd move comes in at we'll see what tomorrow brings ...I'm surprised by a lot today but the afternoon has a ledge at 2445 on ES and that is daily pivot tomorrow....I'm hoping for a dip down there to cover other options sold sometime tomorrow
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Nice Options Explanation Bruce