ES 8-28-17

Here is how I marked off my weekly chart......I'm looking at the 45 area as a magnet and expect price to either hit the magnet of go at least 4 points below the RTh selling calls will be the way to go for me and looking for shorts on this gap higher open ...more charts will follow....Overnight has been one time framing with single prints at the 45.25 and also at 46.50 so if aggressive we can start small shorts at 48 and higher today in overnight as long as u r prepared to add or close out and try again.....I like taking losses on overnight trades by using the first 5 minute bars are the keys to me ,,,,

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I think it will best to use the 46.50 as a first short target if we can get it from above 48 and my favorite chart shows why...
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keep in mind last week was an inside week. I forgot to mention that I am looking to close out my SPX iron condor today too....I hope...this was short term trade that I think I showe in a video last week.

we have Monday spx options that expire today and one SD up gets us to 2458 and on downside would be 15 points is a one SD move and 1/2 is 7 - 8 points so we need to watch 2450 - 2451 as per cash today if they push it up there
they played nice today....a look at the iron condor .....the beauty of this one and why I am showing it is because you can see how well center price is just before I closed this out.....oh hell, ...LOL ..I'll have to make a video...too difficult to describe...will edit this
runners trying for two tics above gap fill...
here is wrap up video, weekly stuff and that Iron condor close out
No video below? Try this link: wrap_up.swf

many will not like the fact that we blew through Fridays poc so expecting a retest back into the 45.25 - 46 area would be logical....note I didn't say it will work but that would be the thinking if you find the long