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ES Wednesday 9-6-17

getting this out early...2464 - 2466 is key area in order for them to try and retest down towards 2459......but let me add, if this area holds then up to 72 should be the magnet

this video goes over how you can confirm volume profile areas ( low and high time areas) with the vertical volume histogram and then we can see overnight and standard MP chart
No video below? Try this link: vid1.swf

will edit with the 86 % numbers and more video ramble

more video ramble and a hard copy from my favorite chart
No video below? Try this link: vid2.swf

Click image for original size
overnight midpoint sits at 61 ....we can expect about one midpoint failure per week......I'm not saying that will happen today but certainly always something to keep in mind...that VA high is more powerful then I was expecting so far.....we need another test down to break through that to have runners work some basically we need low volume pushes up to help give a possible clue to a rollover back down now
so will they print R1 today or the Pivot...? the 2466 holds the key and notice how this key area number splits the r1 and pivot...
I'm still leaning short
two winning campaigns today ....hoping this second campaign can get back to 2460.50......scaled right in front of midpoint on first runners but core came off at 63.50 from up in that 66 area....
done on all at 59.75........hope all have a good day...for anyone new to all this please look at video 1 above and make note of where the volume came in yesterday...those players wanted to get rewarded again and did today from the same basic area.....or else they just protected their shorts.......we don't really need to know the reason we just need the areas ....
pivot was at 2459 today !!
Your vids are always great Bruce!!!
But today they were extra great.
my favorite chart from post one above with todays price action on it.....not perfect but nothing ever is.....think about this...we were 1/2 Sd up into a key area, we had overnight midpoint and a floor number below....we couldn't hold above the overnight highs........easy in hindsight but this was the way I was thinking.......certainly doesn't work like this everyday but as long as we can avoid those nasty trend days and keep losses small we come out doing very well
Click image for original size
thanks for the feedback...I'm glad you enjoy them I am getting out my Les Paul goldtop , which I never get to play through the amp and rocking this is my last acoustic numbers until later tonight when the whole family comes back and dad- the rock in roller has to get stuffed back inside and put away the electric

here's some music.....LOL ! I know I'm losing it when I start posting SH* T like this......!
Originally posted by nolt

Your vids are always great Bruce!!!
But today they were extra great.

No video below? Try this link: goofing.swf

wow...sounds like I'm playing in a metal box.....I guess that's what happens when I try to record with the mike I use for the daily trading videos....
we have a winner...good ear...considering I can't play it well in standard tuning.....the story goes that Jimmy Page heard that George Harrison said that Zeppelin could never write any Page took the first two chords to " Something" as the opening to the "Rain Song" write a ballad.......we'll put that in the " useless stuff normal people don't need to know" category.....
Originally posted by nolt

Bruce has the needle and the damage done...I don't play but it seems like it would be hard to learn?
My guess...the rain song
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