ES Thursday 9-7-17

Crude oil Inventories is at 11 a.m today so be careful of back and fill and slow trade prior to that...also an inside day yesterday...Video 1 goes over key areas...Video 2...which I will add goes over standard deviations for today and the upcoming week
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I'm not sure I conveyed this correctly but hopefully somebody will follow my logic in using a daily SD band probability in an attempt to capture a weekly 86% probability ....much potential with options trades too
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Inletcap - that was guys name at Big mikes forum....liked vwap and sd's.... a bunch worshiped him and he seemed to have some good ideas that he used.....not original but he was passing on some good I try to do....the problem I had was with his credibility - he use to take trades from his phone from "Office " appointments or I was always skeptical....many here are probably familiar with him....he disappeared...........anyone know what happened to him?
cash would have to go down to 2458 if 86% prob is going to happen to downside today
With low volume at current POC 2464.50 and high volume at 2462.00: could POC migrate lower to 2462.00 during next 30-min period?
I think it's interesting that many, including myself use a probability that states that only 15 % of the time we have inside days, inside weeks or inside months.... today we failed at the 86 % probability of printing 1/2 of a standard deviation....that only happens 14 % of the time...very close to the inside day probability and today we had both stuff...and what is up with that 64 - 65 area ???
In my opinion this double inside day could result in a gap open higher tomorrow.
Especially with unemployment numbers coming out pre-market open.
And then little movement for the rest of the trading day, a so called 'professional gap'.
ShadowTrader on Tasty Trade explains the professional gap:

So today's longs could be targeting that 2471.25 - 2473.00 gap and then 2479.75 (day high 9/1).

Just a thought...