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I am new to trading ...can you suggest where and how to start?

What indicators I should use?

What should be combination of indicators I should use for entry and exit?

Which brokers I should have an account with ?
babypips is all I can say
I would recommend you stay on this site cause I'm new to trading too and there is a lot of useful info related to trading, tips from experts, reviews, glossary, markets guide and also webinars. You can check their youtube channel.
You Can take a look here on this site you're on right now.
Here are five things to do before you start trading stocks.
1. Acquaint Yourself With the Stock Market.
2. Establish Your Purpose For Trading.
3. Consider Your Finances.
4. Find a Broker and Trading Platform.
5. Practice Before Depositing Money.

Be careful with the truth is that they apparently have a staf of advisors who offer you the gold and the moro, very well prepared, 30% weekly, they are incentivizing to make increasing deposits, the truth is that they apparently have a very good platform that they succeed in the operatives, the bad thing is that then they change you from advisors and the problems come, they give you a tendency contrary to the evolution of the market and finally they pluck you without compassion.
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