ES 1-12-23

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daily look see
exited one at plus 10,(down 10 on the day now) bringing my stop up to breakeven
exiting my runner here around 3980
out at 17.25. Up 7on the day
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wow, ticks are at plus 650 and rolling over. Because its such an extreme reading and turning ,this could be a good short scalp. But i`ll pass and wait for much lower prices to buy
well i had hoped they take it down once more to say 3980-83 but guess not .Ticks came down a bit but are still very strong
im buying 3957.50 if they get there
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morning update
Selling 3893
Short 3993, but exiting soon at 3985
Odds of a 25 bps hike at the next meeting now up to over 93%. Wonder if we'll see a bar to the left of 450 pop up by the end of January. (meaning lower than 4.50 )