ES 1-12-23

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daily look see
exited at 3998 for a loss of 5on each.Ticks just wont cooperate and once again like the last 2 days they wont even go below zero...
And once again the market is following the positve forecast as the interim cycle peak is supposed to be tomorrow
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current ticks
They sure want higher! I will buy 4005
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afternoon look
I give up...buying here ...long from 4012
if i should somehow get lucky i will exit one at 4020 and hold a runner
Although they have come off a little ,ticks black avg is still extremely positive at plus 600
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black avg
Didn't expect that
...stopped again
That's a bullish engulfing bar on the 30 min chart
Odds of a 25 bps hike at the next meeting now up to over 93%. Wonder if we'll see a bar to the left of 450 pop up by the end of January. (meaning lower than 4.50 )