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Globex 11-24-08

Interesting open, negating current downside projections. Short one at 801.25,3 point stop...hoping to fill the gap
i expect much higher ,but ill cover early at 805.25
off to a good start kool good back to work?
yeah, gotta leave in about 40 min. ..back in the am tho
mini peak due here..but im hangin on
stopped at 799.00 now up 1.75..watching
I tend to think we work our way down to that 783-5 area before much rebound
were under the 1 and 5 min boll avg's and the 1 min 54 avg. Plus ,still overbought on the longer timeframes( 15min,30min)
selling 785.50
5 min boll avg is 797.25, 1 min (54)avg is 798.00
well I just noticed that the 1m from top was 95
Originally posted by koolblue

current 1 min proj is 784.75,unless 803.75 is touched again

short 2@ 796.50,covered at 793.50, plus 6 total. I see the proj was hit this morning! GETTIN SOME SHUT-EYE, SEE YA AT 10:00 OR SO!