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Globex 11-24-08

Interesting open, negating current downside projections. Short one at 801.25,3 point stop...hoping to fill the gap
itll never get thru these avgs on the first try tho
1m 93
5m 89.25
see? she just cant bust thru that 1 min avg at 797.75...yet
Off of bar at 1918 hrs I have 799.50.
sold another at 797.75 so my avg price on short 2 is 796.50...stop at 799.75
gotta run to work.. wish me luck!
shorted 780.00 here
see ya kool...jack these are the current 1m proj's I have

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Originally posted by koolblue

current 1 min proj is 784.75,unless 803.75 is touched again

short 2@ 796.50,covered at 793.50, plus 6 total. I see the proj was hit this morning! GETTIN SOME SHUT-EYE, SEE YA AT 10:00 OR SO!