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Globex 11-24-08

Interesting open, negating current downside projections. Short one at 801.25,3 point stop...hoping to fill the gap
I might add I love it
What if I want to do it for Firefox. What do I do????
This software works well to reload pages every 5 seconds to 15 min..... for firefox RELOADEVERY3.0. Its great for traders that want to follow a thread by the second. Thanks VOwater
Firefox is so much better than Internet Explorer, lightweight and much much faster than IE and of course not to forget all the cool features(add ons) IE recently started tabbed pages Firefox has been doing that for long.

Just my 2 cents.
Originally posted by koolblue

current 1 min proj is 784.75,unless 803.75 is touched again

short 2@ 796.50,covered at 793.50, plus 6 total. I see the proj was hit this morning! GETTIN SOME SHUT-EYE, SEE YA AT 10:00 OR SO!