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ES 12-4-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856
Weekly PP: 858.50
POC: 854.50

5m @ 42.75
stop to be...will hang on to these for much lower I hope
865.5 is another 50% retracement from 10:15.. I will go long there if I get another chance
Got it.
for planning purposes: +100% IB extension = 91.0, +50% = 81.75, -50% = 44.75, -100% = 35.5
how come it never moves fast enough when a trade is in your favor but when they run your stop it seems to happen in a
MARGIE, 3:15 to 8:30 15 min chart... keep that in mind!
1st target 58 then 55 then 51
Never the first time ... usually not the second.LOL
now lets goto 872.50 so i can short
what a greedy bastard I am...stopped be
i sucked today - missed alot of moves but at least i was up