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ES 12-4-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856
Weekly PP: 858.50
POC: 854.50

5m @ 42.75
next 74.25 then 77.25
if they fail it here - double top
ive found im very good at calling the turns, my problem is trying to type and trade! I miss out a lot. And i dont listen to myself enough! I have so much respect for every one here that im gunshy if my numbers are different than their's!
selling 69.25 on the way back down
s 71.25..high risk
any good short I find will target 67.50
if they give the 867 area ill jump into a long with both feet,
left a gap @ 70.25
got 68.75 and trying to hold
i sucked today - missed alot of moves but at least i was up