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ES 12-4-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 856
Weekly PP: 858.50
POC: 854.50

5m @ 42.75
move stop 66.50
this is where I struggle in trades...dont like giving up profits
on what time frame and why VO..? when you have a chance..thanks
Originally posted by VOwater

close below 62.75 and were home free

needs to go soon or Ill bail
VO, your stop is at 66, which is a 50% retracement. I would consider selling there. You may want to be patient and live by your stop. But, it is your money and nerves.
stop 64.50
I think short side would be faster if the Dow wasn't the leader down today
they will get me at 64.50 and thats ok still good trade
look at the bids @ 60
i sucked today - missed alot of moves but at least i was up