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ES 12-05-08

GOOD MORNING ALL! Well as you know im not a big fan of longer term forecasts, but i keep getting asked so much that thats why i posted some views the other day on the globex thread and the trading strategies forum. I bring it up not to receive plaudits but because im trying to 'teach' you that the techniques i have shown you here(price proj. and cycles) work on any time frame and in any market for that matter! I have always made good money from the markets but my dream has always been to create an 'army' of traders as skilled (or better!) as i am to level the playing field at this giant casino we call the financial markets. When i made the case for a top in the market tue-wed with 872.50-877 being the prime resistance area im sure most were skeptical, and heck, coming off of the most oversold market in history thats understandable.
would mini cycle top be @ 11:06
flat 25.50..only had 1
short 2@ 827.00(getting slow on the trigger) covering one here
man, vo we just gotta make thru the next 5 min!
yeah i see the cycle out i only had 1
just broke the 1 min avg to the downside! thats a good sign
well i sold 2 at 827, covered one at 825.25 to reduce risk and am holding for 818-20 on the other
singles from today above, 30.0-41.5 and below, 17.0-19.25
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These dynamic charts (volume and tick charts) take a little getting used to at first. VO uses a 610 tick chart which matches my volume chart fairly closely.