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ES short term trading 8-10-10

Today we have FOMC Announcement as well as:

NFIB Small Business Optimism Index

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NFIB Optimism Index up to July 2010.
Range based S/R for August 10th, 2010

R1 = 1129.25
S1 = 1114.00
R2 = 1131.875
S2 = 1111.375

Steenbarger Pivot = 1123.50
Here is a footprint chart of the action coming into the opening bell. Under VWAP at the moment and trading under yesterday's lows.

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footprint 8102010
that 15 number in is low volume area and 1107.75 for downside...but watch that 15!!!
my plan is to find longs at 1110 - 1110...area
Last Week's LOW : 1103.75 ( August's LOW so far)

Recent unfilled gaps: 8/2 : 1100.25 to 1103.75 (remaining)
7/22: 1064 to 1078.25
LV starts above 12.50..AIR
10 needs to hold decline to try for 1115 retest on runners....all the volume on that number!!
Today's OR:

OR 5min 15min 30min 60min
High 1116.50 1117 1117 1117
Low 1114.25 1111 1108.25 1108.25
Range 2.25 6 8.75 8.75

YD's LOD was L of 30/60min OR
Are you referring to YD's 30/60min OR here?

Originally posted by hari

YD's LOD was L of 30/60min OR
flat at 13.75..I don't like the way the ym came above that swing high but not Nq or ES...but close enough to 15 in this volatility...not trading till later

be back at Fed time...hoping to trade after announcement for peak volume surge....they get tested a lot after the initial surge up or down...
let me revise that POC final to 18.75...I think my tic data is squirrley words by me..