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Hi Steve,
Just checked what you're saying and the VAH value for ES on the MP chart from yesterday matches the day before. Below is the MP graphic that I currently see on eSignal and the Tick Increment settings on it. Also check that the time frame on the chart that you are looking at is set to 09:30 to 16:15 ET. This could also be a discrepancy between eSignal servers that might resolve itself just before the open.

Perhaps you can upload the chart that you're seeing and we can compare them?

Click image for original size
VAH mismatch - helper chart 13 April 2005
here's my MP chart as it's currently showing.
All the settings appear to be ok. I've had no differences with your own levels over the past month, so it's strange it's happened today.
As you say, it might right itself later on.

Click image for original size
My eSignal MP for 12 of April 05.<br>Tick Factior = 1<br>Chart set to 09:30 to 16:15 ET
Well the market's open now and I've refreshed a couple of times but no change here. Still same values for MP as they were yesterday. Any change at your end?
I notice that my ER2 VAH has shifted on me (down by 0.2) since I last put the prices up.
Sorry, I was called away.
Yesterday's VAH stayed at 84.75. - I'll let you know if it all corrects itself again tomorrow.
I checked with a bunch of other traders in JP's room and everyone had the same VAH as I did. Not sure if you managed to get confirmation from anybody else?
No, the only other person I know who trades with MP, uses SirTrade - and he frequently has different levels to those given by eSignal.
SirTrade? Never heard of it. Do you have a URL to their software? Thanks.
Thanks Steve,
I've started another topic so that people can add the MP packages that they've heard of:
MP Software

I wonder if there is a definitive list of MP providers out there? I suppose they all have to be registered with CBOT so they must have a list...
I cannot get my eSignal ES Market Profile to match that shown in your Daily Notes today.
Mine is at 1184.75, whilst yours is 1185.25 (yesterday's level).
I have my Tick factor set to 1 and it usually lines up ok.
Any ideas?
I'm itching to write a little utility like the pivot point calculator that will allow you to load a series of highs and lows (in a file or by hand) onto a page on the web and have it do an MP chart for you. It would solve so many of the inconsistencies that we see in these charting programs. I was toying with creating something like that in Excel but was trying to do it just with functions and without using macros but I found that the functions weren't powerful enough and decided that if I was going to do it with macros then I might as well write the code in C# and put it in a web page to give it to more people to use. I need more time...
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