Kingfish Traders


Have you heard of them?

Have you tried them?

What is your opinion?

I contacted them a couple of months ago and they told me that they could not do anything.
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I heard that KF (Steven Boyd) died on 8/28/09.

It's possible that with so many people after him he's faked his death...
He would not be the first one...
...he admitted putting his small plane on autopilot on Jan. 11 and jumping out with a parachute to try to fake his own death. Schrenker said he pointed the plane toward the Gulf of Mexico, but the plane ran out of fuel and crashed in Florida.

How can you not plan for that? I saw an item on the news recently where the bank robbers ran out of fuel on the highway while being chased. How bad is the planning of these criminals?
I remember kingfish from around 2001-2002 when his room was free. He seemed to be an honest guy who would do most anything for anyone. I cant mention much about his trading overall since I ran my own room and only spent a few days in his room over the years. I'm sorry to learn that he may have passed on as he seemed like a very nice person. There is however a dark side of kingfish. He was very dishonest in those earlier days with regards to the actual trade calls in his room. I do however remember a "Cuong" from Austin Tx come into my room around 2005. We had been mentioning a short setup we would be taking if the market opened below it immediately following the FOMC meeting. We mentioned it enough times that no one should have missed the call or the trade. Well that short was hit and was exited fourteen points lower. On the way down this Cuong kept asking in his posts if it was safe to go long. In a following post he said he had just gotten long and posted the price. I posted I believe he should immediately exit the trade and stand aside. However, he said he would hold the trade till the close. Unfortunately, I remember the market closing much lower and continuing lower the following day. I havent the time to mention why I feel the way I do but I feel that the Cuong that was in my room that day cannot be taught. Im pretty sure this is the same person and I do wish you the very best. There is a method of trading that works well and you will find it. I am since retired from daytrading and I have no affiliation with kingfish other that the few times I was in his room.

I'm the Cuong from Austin, TX that you're talking about. What's room are you talking about in 2005? Sorry to said but 99.9% of people I met that want to teach don't even trade. Most of them are loud mouth salesman that don't put money where their mouths are. Are you one of those loud mouths salesman?