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Kingfish Traders


Have you heard of them?

Have you tried them?

What is your opinion?

Here is an update of KingFish. My post is the one sign Cuong - Austin, TX.
Thanks 4bigmoney for the update. I have quoted the last paragraph that you wrote on that page because I think that this is exceptionally important for all traders and also because you wrote it so well.

Whatever you decide to do with KF (if you are considering signing up with him) just approach him cautiously and understand that he is no different than all of the other trading services, systems, and gurus out there....ALL of whom are there to make money off of you while you try to make money trading. Sure there are a few good ones out there - and I have found some myself. Just dont delude yourself into thinking that KF will be the answer to your problems as a trader and that paying him $7,500 will make you successful. Chances are, it won't. Because, in the end, its not the market that you need to master; it's yourself.
You quoted Sean from FL. My post is above that Cuong from Austin, TX.
My apologies 4bigmoney. I just re-read your posting.

I challenged him and asked him about 9/15/06. This day per KF is prime area and what traders are waiting for and he was nowhere in the room. The "Fat Boy" is a prime trading area and this is where you bet thy whole lot, bet the farm. Well you would lost the farm that day...

All you care is about your wallet, you are no better than Randy Alsep.

I confess that I have never heard of Randy Alsep and a search of the web turned up nothing. Who is he?

There seem to be a number of contradictions about Kingfish's system. Those that have back tested it say that it doesn't work but whenever there's a thread on any forum about it there always seems to be someone on that thread that is adamant that the system works very well.

It's obviously impossible to tell if that person is Steve Boyd or someone paid by him. The only way that you could confirm an objective opinion of someone like that would be to take a look at their audited trading accounts which I don't believe has ever been offered anywhere.

If someone wants to come forward and show me their account statements in a manner that I could audit (for example give your broker permission to confirm the record with me) I would be happy to confirm and publish the success that you have had with Kingfish.

In fact I would be happy to interview anybody who claims success with Kingfish's system and publish the interview.
Randy Alsep used to come in the free trial and spam the free trialers to show them the system for less money. There are definitely some excellent traders in his room but the guy (Steven Boyd) is a liar like I stated in my post and do not trade his calls.
Originally posted by 4bigmoney

Randy Alsep used to come in the free trial and spam the free trialers to show them the system for less money. There are definitely some excellent traders in his room but the guy (Steven Boyd) is a liar like I stated in my post and do not trade his calls.

I've read through some CFTC hearings (and I think that there are some posted on this forum) and I believe that you cannot claim to trade real money if you are not doing so. This is against CFTC rules and you'll get fined for doing so.

However, Kingfish is in Belize and not in the US so I'm not sure if the same rules apply to him. I'm guessing that if any of his business interests are registered in the US then he has a US obligation.

Where did you wire your money to? Was it US or Belize? Is Kingfish still living there? (Blize that is...)

I assume that Randy Aslep did the trial or full system with Kingfish and then decided to profit by reselling it. From the feed back that I've heard about the Kingfish system (so far) it doesn't seem possible/worth re-selling if it doesn't work. Do you have Randy's email address? Perhaps he can come here and post his opinions...?
Randy Alsep was never a student. He use to run but closed it down. He came into the free trials under many different handles to spam the free trialers. Randy is a thief just like Steven Boyd is a thief stealing money from others (what goes around comes around).

I wired the money to Belize but his business is register in Virginia. The latest I heard is that he moved to Cancun but I have not log into the room to hear his bs for 1 month now.
From his movements around Belize and Mexico it sounds like he's on the run from the FBI. I just did a few searches using combinations of FBI, Steven Boyd, Kingfish etc. but didn't find anything. What reason does he give for being down there? Sunshine?

If you live a frugal lifestyle (I don't think that he does) then you would probably be able to survive about 6 months on $7,500 so all he would need to do is sell 1 sign-up per 6 months. On the other hand, 1 sign-up per month would have him living comfortably.

When is the next free trial? I'm curious to hear him do his sales pitch...
Log into his website and register for a free trial. Please ask him if the system ever has a losing day and see how he answers it this time and ask him for statements for proof and I guaranteed that he will start yelling and kick you out of the room.
Okay I'll try it out and see what happens.

I'm the Cuong from Austin, TX that you're talking about. What's room are you talking about in 2005? Sorry to said but 99.9% of people I met that want to teach don't even trade. Most of them are loud mouth salesman that don't put money where their mouths are. Are you one of those loud mouths salesman?
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