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Kingfish Traders


Have you heard of them?

Have you tried them?

What is your opinion?

They look genuine to me and I didn't check them because I didn't see why he wants to falsify them. I trade KF methodology does not work for me as you already see my post in the rip off report.
Sorry to hear about that 4bigmoney. I remember that you were very positive in your emails to me when discussing this person that was willing to help you and I'm sorry that it never worked out.

I could say "sorry to hear that" and other nice comforting words but that won't be of any help to you. You have some serious issues that need to be addressed clinically. I'm not a doctor, but have some experience in these matters.

For starters, I suggest you read two books by Dr. Edmund Bergler: Money and Emotional Conflicts; and The Psychology of Gambling. Then ask your general physician to recommend of few psychiatrists for you to interview.

Don't wait until you hit bottom.
The lowlife scumbag is now giving away the trading system for free that others and I paid $7,500. Why would an individual give something away for free unless it is useless. It will costs others their accounts trading the system which Steven Boyd himself does not trade. In return he is asking for donations ... LOL He claims to be the best trader in the world and is asking for donations?
I have been in the Kingfish room many times and watched many people come and go without mastering his system. Very few are able to master his method. But there was a trader in Kingfish's room named Hyperfish who mastered his system and was a super trader. One of the best traders I watched in action. He knew the Kingfish method as good as Kingfish...if not better. This guy was a better trader than Kingfish and was really helpful in calling trades. Does anyone know if Hyperfish has a trading room or how to get in touch with him?
Any info would be helpful.
Don't be fool as I was. One of KingFish best student helped me and lost ~$20,000 of my hard earn money in less than 1 month. This guy was calling trades when KingFish was out and making BINGO (10 pts trade) left and right but lost $20,000 of my money in 1 month? Learn to trade for yourself and DO NOT depend on anyone as most are cons trading on simulation with their fantasy money and can't trade themselves.
Hi Larrynyc,
I do agree with you I watched Hyperfish trade and he is a way better trader than Kingfish. He helped more than anyone else in the Kingfish room. He posted all his trades way before they happened and was all about no BS. I wish there were more helpful traders around like him!
I had chatted with Hyperfish on Paltalk about 8-9 months ago and he told me that he doesn't need anyone's money to trade, he doesn't need to sell anything, doesn't need a chat room to make money. He told me that he is a Trader and he trades to make money. He did say that he was trading the Crude Oil market and not the E mini's.
As far as getting hold of him your guess is as good as mine.
I did hear from others that Hyperfish is actually a woman.
Who knows keep me posted if you run into him. Thx
Hyperfish, Aka HFT Is one of the largest Crude Floor traders in the NYMEX pit.
Interesting, 3 brand new posters just registered hyping up whoever this HyperFish is .... Sound fishy to me.
out of all the fish name, hypefish is the only one that going to other paltalk room and spam KF room constantly. It's fishy of the highest order.

I'm the Cuong from Austin, TX that you're talking about. What's room are you talking about in 2005? Sorry to said but 99.9% of people I met that want to teach don't even trade. Most of them are loud mouth salesman that don't put money where their mouths are. Are you one of those loud mouths salesman?
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