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guy (daytrading)/ahk emails

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From: Aaron Kelly
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2006 11:47 AM
To: Guy
Subject: Trading Zoo thread

Hello Guy,

I know you don't believe in censorship, but perhaps a modification of that policy would be in order under certain conditions.

You asked 2 questions and got 2 answers about the Zoo. No BS, just straight talk. I'd like to think I've added some value to your forum during my short stay. I've enjoyed it and spoke to quite a few people about various trading rooms and the like. In fact, a few friendships might be forming which is an added plus.

However, one other forum member is attempting to undermine the real purpose and value of the forum for reasons which I'm sure are obvious to you. I'm afraid if more unwarranted and slanderous personal attacks continue by this person, I will cease to be a member as a matter of principle. I hope you understand.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy.

Hi Aaron,

Yes you do add value to the forum and I would be sad to see you leave and I think the forum would be worse off without your input.

I am under the impression that censorship on the Internet does not work. If I were to censor or delete posts from anyone then that person would just pop-up on (1) another forum and/or (2) create a new account and continue on this forum.

I can draw a parallel to standard politics that we see on TV everyday. Politicians deviate from attacking each other’s policies to personal attacks. Both sides almost always resort to this and it appears to be a cultural attribute which permeates all forms of business and social organizations.

Disputes such as these are often resolved by an arbitrator – i.e. a disinterested third party.

I would prefer to discuss this in the forum. You can post your email to me and my answer in the Trader’s Lounge section if you feel comfortable with doing so:

Well Felix....I agree with you and your critique of me and my comments...I am "brash"..and I appreciate the honesty....Your "bottom line" comment is perfect....Unfortunately there are so many vendors that can't come through with this but will pretend to....

Originally posted by felix

Here's my rationale: If ahk was on the up'n'up, he could silence that loud-mouth Bruce with one single post (show me the money!!!)- and make him kiss butt! Instead, ahk has spent hours refuting, rebutting and fully dodging the single most important issue in any trading initiative - the bottom line.

In addition, ahk seems to have taken a convenient queue to permenently exit this forum without leaving behind anything of real substance. That's a bad sign.

So: Bruce, you're a touch brash. But I think you've done us a service here, and at this point I'm in your corner. Thanks.

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