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Has anyone purchased their course or had any experience with them, good or bad, for real, legit? Thanks.
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I recently sat in on one of their webinars. The webinar was held after market close and used the market playback feature to demonstrate their fractal trade signal system.

The fractal signals seemed incredibly accurate on the short term intra-day turns. I think one of the charts they were running the fractal system on was a 3 minute chart. Watching the fractal signals nail turn after turn, I couldn't help but wonder if they have somehow managed to hack into the GS mainframe and steal the holy grail secret codes from the temple. (Might explain the black hat inference in their "Shadow Traders" handle.)

Are there any performance statistics or metrics available for this system ?

Has anybody out there watched it in live format in real-time and saw similar results at PT has mentioned? I'm not in any way saying anything negative about this company, in fact I know nothing about them at all, but if I were going to spend any money on anything I'd want to see it in real-time, as I'd be too worried that it could be 'curve-fitted' after the fact for the demo replay mode. Again, I'm not saying this company would ever do that, I'm just saying the only thing that would get me to part with cash is statistics based on real-time data. Anyone done that? I'd really like to see the data if you have. Thanks in advance.
I attended one of their webinars sponsored by my broker, AMP, and was amazed at how well Ms. Cohen presented the concept of extracting money from the S&P e-Mini market as if it were taking candy from a baby. Geared strictly to the uneducated, never traded before novice, the entire presentation was false and misleading since it was based on the premise the software could predict the direction of the market.

The pitch is to become a "12 minute trader" and make more money scalping 2 ticks with size than you could ever earn if you left that cash in the bank.

These people are of the same ilk as those faith healers on late night television who make the crippled walk and the blind see. If you believe in miracles, Shadow Traders is for you. But trust me when I say it won't be a miracle when you lose your money in the market and all you'll have to show for it is a computer screen with more lines on it than Kennedy airport.

OK I watched the video MM posted above...

I used my stop watch to time the open of each new bar on the chart in the video. Each new bar opens 8 seconds after the previous bar opened. As Jim noted in his analysis above, the chart in the video is a 1 minute candlestick chart. I confirmed this as follows: the time scale along the bottom of the graph has a hash mark and vertical line on the price chart at 4 minute increments, and there are 4 candles between each hash mark, meaning each candle represents 1 minute in time. Also, while watching the video, if you fix your eyes on the bottom scale on the hash marks and associated time stamps, you will notice the time hash marks remain in a fixed location on the screen but the time stamp for each individual hash mark changes as each new bar opens and the candles all shift left across the window. All of this clearly indicates in this video your watching a playback of market data with the presenter's voice dubbed over the top of the playback.

At the 4:54 timestamp in this video,the presenter Barbara Cohen makes the following statement:

"Everyone is seeing this live.
140 people are seeing the software operate live.
This isn't Jerry rigged, this isn't Memorex, this is live data for everyone."
pt, excellent investigative work on exposing what is, sigh, another scam artist peddling garbage to aspiring traders.

Nice work nkhoi and PT. It's amazing what most vendors get away with pedaling. Talk about brazen and unabashed promotion in some of the most crazy cheese-ball fashions dressed up in the gimmicky marketing catch-phrases ... with a rap sheet long as your arm waiting just a few clicks away to everybody and god on Google.

And they still sucker people in and snag (steal?) their money. Which is, as far as I'm concerned, both criminal and sad.

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well done...these folks just kill me!! great stuff
Great work on the videos.

On the subject of pivots since this is does anyone know what pivots shadowtraders use?

Having just watched a webinar I see 9 or 10 pivot lines on their charts within the same price range where I normally see just three, S1, P, and R1.
Re video: Having looked at the video again I think people are taking her comments out of context. Barbara of Shadow Traders always uses "market replay" (a feature of Ninja Trader) to demonstrate their indicator software. Those presentations usually take place after hours which the participants know, and she makes a point using the current days data in her presentations. I think she is referring to seeing trades develop live in front of your eyes versus seeing lines and arrows drawn on charts after the fact. I think her statement is true in the context of how the presentations appear to always be given.

I agree trading for 2 ticks is a bad idea though so I'm not saying they are any good.

More importantly, I'm interested in gleaning information about the pivot point formulas they use and why. They have many more pivots than the usual 7 (R3 to S3).

excellent investigation everyone. I love that we can all share our ideas and experiences to help each other weed out the bad....
Yea; EAD!