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Has anyone purchased their course or had any experience with them, good or bad, for real, legit? Thanks.
I watched the first video there, the one live in front of 140 people, and have one question. It must be some kind of error with Ninja or something, but no one mentioned it since you posted this. The video is about eight minutes long, and the report came out at 8:30, and the time at the end of the video was 9:30. You can see the time as this unfolds and the time spans the hour. Why is the lower timescale so far off? I have Ninja and have never seen this.
Btw, the link to that particular vid (instead of the prior link I'd posted which went to the company site with several vids) is:

Yah Jim, that's just one of many crazy, and funny (at least to me), things about that clip ... not to mention the constant ongoing monologue describing that the market "may be stopping here, and it looks like it going further down, uh now it's bouncing but see now how it went ahead and broke down to the next line here as it's dropping and ... uh ... it's about to uhhhhh ... here it goes up off the line as buyers, uhhhh, more sellers coming in as expected to now push price below the line ... oh, and another line just popped up on the screen as you'll notice ... it's called the uhhhh, uhhh, the next line of support where uhh."

And I'm to believe he entered short near the nanosecond spike up on the GDP report release ... right near the high of the spike. Ya ain't gettin' filled unless you already got a resting sell order there ... but you wouldn't have known where to put that order until the software signaled a sell order (unless it was automated entry ... but even then, good freakin' luck). And trading into a that kind of numbers release with ANY method is pretty dicey and incurs high risk.

Then how he subsequently described the way the software was mapping out price action (yeah, right!) is what tickled me most. Maybe the fellow could charge for viewing his vids, just for the entertainment value.

It would be interesting to have your question addressed though, Jim. Hope someone, preferably the guy "trading" in the video, enlightens us here.

Well, I just discovered something. But every time, and I mean every time I make an honest observation I get blasted. And that just doesn't seem like the way a forum should be. I almost consider it a test of the honesty of a poster how well they address honest observations. I've gradually come to the opinion that if someone reacts with anger or blasts an honest question, something is not right somewhere. They are also 'training' me not to question anything I see, because they know I get along with everyone and don't want conflict, just good discussion that helps all of us become better traders. I guess that's why we have people like you, Monkey, and Phant, and the like, because you guys don't mind holding people's feet to the fire.

All that being said, I went back to the date of this video, and sure it was a Ninja glitch, I discovered that with eSignal data on a 1-min chart I get essentially the exact same data bars. Hence, this appears to be a 1-min chart, and the price action shown actually covered the full one hour period, and Ninja showed the time stamp correctly. Hence, it appears as though this is a replay of the data in sped up form, since this data did not unfold in real-time at that rate.

I am not saying this gentlemen didn't call all this in real-time, live, with the 140 observers, I'm only saying what we are seeing is not that live calling session, which took an hour to unfold. As a viewer of this video, trying to make decisions on the company, I feel very duped. I thought I was maybe watching a tick chart, and the price action was what happened with that exact commentary, and that is not the case. I just feel really duped, like a chump, because I thought it was the real commentary done in real-time, with the 140 observers. If a vendor is going to do an after-the-fact recount of a day that had 140 observers, it should be made very clear at the start that that is what is happening.

So, although I am not saying anything bad about this company, or accusing anyone of anything, I feel this should have been disclosed right up front so I can evaluate what I am seeing in the appropriate context. Now, let's hope I don't get blasted for just making such a simple observation...
Yeah Jim, it was a sped up version after-the-fact ... even if done in real time earlier with tire kickers watching. But there's so much more about the vid presentation that can be gleaned even beyond an armchair Q-back review ... all of it veering way off the reservation.

ANY and ALL vendors have the onus placed squarely upon them a priori to provide verifiable, solid data about thier system or method's track record ... or at least (if discretion involved) someone who has traded their gig profitably over time. And I truly invite that (sans the so called shills). Not saying anyone there is the anti-christ ... but in this arena, vendors and cheerleaders are suspect until proven otherwise with the kind of documentation I described above.

Too much vermin out there quite literally raping innocent folks of their life savings for a fee ... it really is a moral issue to me. And you know I've been there and done that on both sides (been screwed but never screwed others ... EVER, EVER). And I sleep like a baby at night ... always have, always will ... unless I'm up late trading.

Gauntlet tossed down by me for anyone, in the spirit of candid and real documented feedback, to provide info (whether positive or negative) on Shadowtraders. Seriously!

that was a women on the vid, her name is Barbara Cohen
you can scroll down and see that she is VP and James Horne is CEO

ShadowTraders contact page


Our Convenient Locations

ShadowTraders, LLC
PO Box 5248
Clearwater, Fl 33758-5248
Telephone: 1-866-617-2037

James Horne, CEO
Barbara Cohen, VP

they are both scientologist

they also run other business

so keep this in mind these people have been around they know what people want to hear and they know how to sell their wares.

edit: fixed link.
that link got broken up, try this
I recently sat in on one of their webinars. The webinar was held after market close and used the market playback feature to demonstrate their fractal trade signal system.

The fractal signals seemed incredibly accurate on the short term intra-day turns. I think one of the charts they were running the fractal system on was a 3 minute chart. Watching the fractal signals nail turn after turn, I couldn't help but wonder if they have somehow managed to hack into the GS mainframe and steal the holy grail secret codes from the temple. (Might explain the black hat inference in their "Shadow Traders" handle.)

Are there any performance statistics or metrics available for this system ?
That's freaky weird! No wonder the vid watching experience seemed so other-planetary. I have a rented mailbox that still fills up with Scientology promo stuff from the last owner of the box ... and I swear all the "people" in the glossy brochures look like space aliens.

"I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is." - L. Ron Hubbard to Lloyd Eshbach, in 1949; quoted by Eshbach in OVER MY SHOULDER: REFLECTIONS O/N A SCIENCE FICTION ERA, Donald M. Grant Publisher. 1983

Or start a trading education company on a whim ...

Click image for original size
No Description Entered
Sure is a lot of LLC's for a simple little trading system...

ShadowTraders, LLC
PO Box 5248
Clearwater, Fl 33758

PureReason LLC
PO Box 5248
Clearwater, Fl 33758

PureReason LLC
221 Orangewood Ave
Clearwater, FL 33755

Sourcesphere, LLC
221 Orangewood Ave
Clearwater, FL 33755

Arte International, Inc.
221 Orangewood Ave
Clearwater, FL 33755

Orangewood Technologies, LLC
1212 Court St Ste A
Clearwater, FL 33756

Vyapari International, LLC
1212 Court St Ste A
Clearwater, FL 33756

Yea; EAD!


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