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Thursday 1- 3 -2007

Bruce - here are your triples on the ES 10k

I took some heat on my long but PT Emini's Macd Kiss Theory kept me in the trade


they just cleared out those "leftover " triples from the day session here in the overnight session at 11 P.M. eastern time.....
Thanks Gio,

Something I was watching but then missed the trade but it's a very cool concept is this:

The dow was breaking out of it's hour highs long before the ES was...this alone was a good clue..the dow was also trading back into it's single prints from Wednesdays session but the ES couldn't get back to it's single prints.....

I synch my Dow to match the real time ( 9:30 - 4:15 e.s.t) the dow was trying to lead it higher and failed....
Originally posted by gio5959

Bruce - i use a very simple method to spot for divergences on what i call market internals

I look for divergence of the $ADD to the ES

In this pic you can see that the ES made a new high but not the $ADD

If you go back to my other pic where i showed price pivots you will see that i expected the market to find resist at or near those levels...which turned out to be the HOD

This divergence of the $ADD and ES confirmed that for me and i felt more comfortable in taking a short position...especially since we had your BruceM Triples below


ES chart for today.

Click image for original size
ES 5min chart for 3 Jan 2008.
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