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A question for futures traders

I am curious to find out if anyone else thinks this could be a help to their trading.

My premise is that the market has 3 major groups of participants- Institutions, retail and speculators. The institutions are the biggest participants and move the market the most. Retail participants are the 2nd largest group and also are important to major moves. Speculators are traders like us that are trying to make money off the moves of the other two groups.

So, knowing what the institutions and retail people are can definitely be an advantage.

I think I have found a way to determine what the other 2 groups are doing in real time- I wonder if others think this would be helpful to their trading?

If this makes sense to others, my thought is to open room and share this info with others real time. This would not be for "newbies". It would be more for those that have a trading method and would like to increase their profitability. I'm not interested in calling trades but to provide, what I think is the "missing link" to profitable trading. This would not be an altruistic endeavor, if I can share it successfully with others I would end up charging for the service.

I am asking in this forum because I think the participants here act in a more professional and serious manner than most of the other trading forums. (Please don't prove me wrong)
On what you base your assumption that if you knew what the 2/3 of the futures traders were doing will help you or me.
The short answer is that the 3 parts aren't equal in market effect. The institutions and retail participants make up more than 2/3 of of the market; so, you end up following 80-90% of the market not 66%.

The long answer is-the markets of the last 10 yrs. are very different because of the growth of electronic trading. The "big money" can take advantage of the interconnection thru hedging and arbitrage activities to degree that was totally unknown 15 or so years ago. It is possible to see when the "big money" is getting ready and when they are moving into or out of equities. It makes little difference whether they are doing it in the cash or derivative markets; as the interconnectideness of the markets ends up effecting both. The analogy I use is- elephants always leave tracks.

The retail participants or "the crowd" make moves in the cash markets which again ends up effecting the futures.

Consequently, traders trying to make sense out of the movement of the market they're trading alone, thru the use of traditional technical analysis(that was created for the most part at time when the markets where not connected to the degree they are today) are missing an important piece of the puzzle. In my opinion.
Do you have a futures product in mine and is your idea for swing or day trades?
What instrument(s) do you trade and how many points do you make per day/week using this?
I day trade the ES and YM. The reason is these 2 contracts represent the markets that are easiest for hedging and arbitrage, consequently the moves of the "big boys" and "crowd" are easiest to see.

As for my trading record, it is not the issue I'm talking about. All I can say is that my winning percentage is very high.... I can say that by limiting myself to only those setups I follow that have both of those groups behind them bring my win loss ratio into the unbelievable range.

Again, as I said in my opening post, I'm really not interested in teaching people to clone my trades, rather to offer a service that I think can add substantially to their profitability. I think most traders have a method they favor but end up taking trades against the movement of the market, only because they have no way of knowing what is really behind the movement. My thought was to provide insight into that movement not become some egotistical trading guru.
No disrespect TI Anon but most people will question your credibility if you say in the same breath that you are fantastically profitable but that it's not the issue. If you're going to be providing a paid-for service then anyone in their right mind would want to see you substantiate your claims before they considered your service.
Of course, my thought was to open a room and have a free trial period. I am curious to see if this info is as helpful to others as it is to me. This would be an experiment. After some period of time, I would hope that the participants would give me their honest evaluation. I know from past experience that just because one guy thinks something is good it doesn't necessarily mean others will see the same value.

My hope was that because of the quality of individuals in this forum, I would find some interested in participating. I apologize if I didn't make this clear earlier. I thought the first step would be to first see if anyone was even interested in this concept.
What are your thoughts on the prospective fee for your services?
Let's not stray away from the original question TI Anon ask, could it help my trading if I knew what the big boys are doing well in my opinion and is from watching the market for the past 7 years 255 x 7 =1785 days and 12,495 hours "NO" If my indicators don't show me what the big money is doing collectively then having this info in any other way, that will send me to the poor house very early, besides we all play the trend.
I have no idea, at this point, what the fee would be. The first step is to see if others find value in it.

Thank you, inventor, for your feedback.
T1, rome wasn't built in a day,don't be discouraged by any one who seems to shout the sky is falling in every one of their posts,take it with a grain of salt,that's just how the world is at present
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