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A question for futures traders

I am curious to find out if anyone else thinks this could be a help to their trading.

My premise is that the market has 3 major groups of participants- Institutions, retail and speculators. The institutions are the biggest participants and move the market the most. Retail participants are the 2nd largest group and also are important to major moves. Speculators are traders like us that are trying to make money off the moves of the other two groups.

So, knowing what the institutions and retail people are can definitely be an advantage.

I think I have found a way to determine what the other 2 groups are doing in real time- I wonder if others think this would be helpful to their trading?

If this makes sense to others, my thought is to open room and share this info with others real time. This would not be for "newbies". It would be more for those that have a trading method and would like to increase their profitability. I'm not interested in calling trades but to provide, what I think is the "missing link" to profitable trading. This would not be an altruistic endeavor, if I can share it successfully with others I would end up charging for the service.

I am asking in this forum because I think the participants here act in a more professional and serious manner than most of the other trading forums. (Please don't prove me wrong)
I don't know this is how I got in Monday and it was there.
I open the room about 8:00 CDT, it will only show on the list when it is open.

Thank you, topgun, for your analysis of the room. And, you said it better than I have in my past posts.
Originally posted by TI Anon

I have created a room on Paltalk in the Day Trading area under the Business & Finance section.

The name of the room = The Missing Link to Trading Profits

Mistery solved to the missing room, the name of the room was changed,
from "The Missing Link to Trading Profits"
to "The Missing Link to ES Trading Profits"
Nice room and nice folks. Not many there but that's a good thing. He is going about this is an effective manner. He seems real honest and sincere. I admire the fact that he came here to Mypivots and he's been up front about everything. Topgun nailed it perfectly..all agendas are out front and he's very patient. He has been very informative. Thumbs up ...keep up the good work

TI will not call out his trades which is the only objective way one can judge the information being dispersed. The claim that we would not get the same fill is of no moment since informing a group that a trade is being taken under the auspices of the methodology allows the group to have some baseline in evaluating the efficacy of the information i.e. " a prudent trader similarly situated as I would have taken a trade at xxx level". If the trade works the group can see it, if the trade doesn't work the group can see it.

I've been in a myriad of trade rooms where the moderator all of a sudden blurts out "how many people got into that 10:30 trade" 45 minutes after the fact. Or "I hope you guys got into that last trade" 30 minutes after the peak. Today, all that I heard in the commentary from the time the mkt hit a 21.50 high until it fell to 1417 were ambiguities and vascillations. At that point I heard the term "institutions were selling". I am not impugning the moderator in any way but he should be aware that not to commit to a position gives way too much wiggle room to start pointing out trades in hindsight. All I want to hear is whether or not the environment is favorable or unfavorable in a particlular direction for a trade and I want to hear it unequivaocally. If you have leading indicators then tell us when they are valid and which direction they are going. I don't understand why a moderator that is actively trading will not tell the room when he has a position filled. Oh well, good luck to all, be careful.
Bruce, your points are well taken and I'm sure TI will take them to heart the next couple of days in the room. If he takes trades, we should know about them in realtime to help us understand the value of the information, particularly its timeliness.

In addition, if he decides to go forward and charge a fee for his services, he should be prepared to demonstrate his success with backup data to satisfy the reasonable and customary due diligence requirements that go along with this type of service. I don't think TI will have any issues with this, as he admonished those marketeers who run chat rooms and only paper trade, using smoke and mirrors to appear profitable. That gave me another vote of confidence in his ability to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

I find him very professional and I don't anticipate he'll have any issues in helping us better understand the value of his hard work by doing the simple things we mentioned, since his premise is to find out if the data he has can help us become better traders.

I just left the room and people out of the clear blue sky are thanking TI for just making two points, yet never claimed they were in the market and TI never said a thing. To me it is just another esoteric, nebulous, enigmatic diatribe where all you have to do is say "I would go in at this point in the direction of" to alleviate any doubt. It is bull**** until it is not bull****. Levi Strauss got rich mining the miners.
Well, it's obvious the room is mostly novices who are looking for a lot of help. There is no Holy Grail as we all know and my takeawy so far is this information is only helpful if one is already successful.

Do you think TI is not honest and sincere? Do you think shills are in the room?

His reluctance to call his trades is perplexing.
I was under the impression that TI was opening up this room for folks to "see" if this information could help in ones own trading...has something changed? I'm usually the first one to give a vendor or potential vendor a hard time but he has "laid the cards on the table" form the begining. I missed the later part of yesterday and all of today but I'm not sure what the problem is considering that this is an evaluation period for a "potential " service...perhaps a sub thread of "things we'd like to see in chat rooms" would be helpful....

Personally I'd like to see some text from the moderator or a helper as I can't listen all the time but since this is all new to TI then this should just fall into the "wish list" category if the room ever takes off....

I have no personal axes to grind with anyone, but I will not stay in any room where people are claiming to be successful in a trade by just saying I've made two points, I've been in subscription trade rooms where at the end of the week, if you added up everyone's success there was over $50,000 changing hands yet they were grousing about the $100/month for the room.

Ask yourself this question; was TI actually looking at charts or a Magic Eight Ball...I dunno. I need a lot more transparency when someone claims to have a useful tool. My biggest peeve is the trader that all of a sudden has made successful trade, yet there was no indication that they were in a trade, please don't talk about your exits if you are not going to discuss your entries. Finally, anyone that actually figures out the market will undoubtedly become one of the richest people in the world...or they haven't figured out the market.
T1, rome wasn't built in a day,don't be discouraged by any one who seems to shout the sky is falling in every one of their posts,take it with a grain of salt,that's just how the world is at present
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