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A question for futures traders

I am curious to find out if anyone else thinks this could be a help to their trading.

My premise is that the market has 3 major groups of participants- Institutions, retail and speculators. The institutions are the biggest participants and move the market the most. Retail participants are the 2nd largest group and also are important to major moves. Speculators are traders like us that are trying to make money off the moves of the other two groups.

So, knowing what the institutions and retail people are can definitely be an advantage.

I think I have found a way to determine what the other 2 groups are doing in real time- I wonder if others think this would be helpful to their trading?

If this makes sense to others, my thought is to open room and share this info with others real time. This would not be for "newbies". It would be more for those that have a trading method and would like to increase their profitability. I'm not interested in calling trades but to provide, what I think is the "missing link" to profitable trading. This would not be an altruistic endeavor, if I can share it successfully with others I would end up charging for the service.

I am asking in this forum because I think the participants here act in a more professional and serious manner than most of the other trading forums. (Please don't prove me wrong)
Anybody have a summary of how the day turned out? How many trades? Timing of the trades? What you learned? What you already knew?
Well It looks, sounds and shows hes gut the upper hand to knowing where the money was and what he was taking about in his post. Trades? Some members had to many questions and spend to much time explaining and mist the good opportunities. A trader will understand what is going on and trade accordingly. With what I knew and his heads up yes I can improve considerably and make a good trades.
That's impressive - thanks Inventor.
So far, the time spent in the room is instrutive and interesting. TI is a very disciplined trader and sticks to his rules religiously. The information he garners on where the money is flowing is the key. It is a tool not a system and designed to help the trader who wants to get into a trend, not trade against it.

As a contra trend trader, I always have a bit of tension as I put on a trade without the comfort of knowing whether the train will slow down or continue to push ahead. With TI's money flow indicator (for lack of a better word), I can get a bead on whether the trend will continue or slow down, giving my setups greater probability. For example, late this afternoon I took a short at 1406.75 and shortly thereafter, TI said the money was starting to leave the buyside and indeed a 4 point decline took place. (I covered after one point.) Had I understood the money flows, I would have stayed in that trade longer rather than scalp for a point.

Conversely, the money flow indicator would give me confidence to take a trend trade because I can get a decent idea if in fact the trend will continue and not turn against me after my order is filled. The trend trader's dilemna is usually not knowing whether the trend is early or late (in hindsight it's perfect, of course). This information will not get you into a trade at the top or bottom of a move as it's not designed to do that, but you can capture the lion's share of it AND have a good reason on when to exit rather then watching the market and hoping you guess right and the move goes in your favor.

Two days doesn't make a lifetime nor is it conclusive evidence by any means, but there's no doubt that TI's proprietary method is worth serious consideration and investigation if he decides to make it available. Again, it's not a trading system, but a tool for a successful and disciplined trader to add to his arsenal for improved performance.
I'm confused now topgun you did say you attender the room today? Because this morning I tried to login and the the room did not exist. and still dos int
I looked for it as well
I entered the room at 9:20 a.m EST and spent the whole day there.
I'ii try again tomorrow
Well I don't know their is something wrong is still dos not exist.
see pic.....
If he closes or hasn't opened the room, it won't be listed. He is a free user, not paid.
T1, rome wasn't built in a day,don't be discouraged by any one who seems to shout the sky is falling in every one of their posts,take it with a grain of salt,that's just how the world is at present
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