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Trading the DJ EuroStoxx50

Does anyone here trades the FESX?
For those who is not familiar with it,
it's like the "emini" version of the German DAX.
It has a daily volume that rivals emini SP.
It has a good volatility too. Excellent if you're
looking for other market to trade during after hours to
supplement your ES.
I don't trade it very often because I can't workout the pivots
quickly enough.
I wish MyPivots will include it one day.
I'm looking for an early morning DAX trading room around 5AM EST
Originally posted by Chazman

I'm looking for an early morning DAX trading room around 5AM EST

Don't know any trading room that does DAX calls (or Stoxx 50 for that matter).
I also don't subscribe to any trading rooms.
Hi All,

I follow the daily pivots for ES and now starting to follow them for fesx futures (eurostoxx 50 futures).

Can anyone please tell the session hours in EST used for fesx pivot calculation. Is it like 2:00 am EST to 4:00 pm EST ? I looked up on eurex website,but a little confused as to what session to use for pivot calculation.

Also, what is the RTH session for fesx (like when stock market and cash index trades ),is it like 3:00 am EST to 12:00 noon EST?

And for market profile values(POC,VAH,VAL), is it possible for the author to add fesx MP values to the Market Profile tracker thread?

I appreciate it.


FESX trading times: 8am-10:10pm MET
(MET Middle European Time is GMT +1)

to convert to your local time, you can use:
If you are looking for support/resistance data, look at
You'll find data for all futures traded at Eurex.
I personally like the Bund future ( FGBL) which has an even higher liquidity and volatility than the FESX.

Is the there something about the FESX besides the different trading hours that make it attractive to trade? Does it move with less whip for instance?
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