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Game Plan for 7/28

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I look for the bear to continue I have some marjor S&R numbers all around 1261 and 1270. But will take either side, I fell tommorow will be a tight day or trending day should be able to tell early on. I am felling like another trending down day like thursday. As I type the markets are only a few ticks from of fridays low
I exited at 40.25...will look to re-enter
Trying again at 39.25...always harder for me to qualify volume after the first 90 minutes...somedays my trading just plain sucks...escpecially if I trade the afternoon..will try and target the 45 area again...volume and tick divergence but we all know how that can be misleading...
best for me so far is 42.75 to clean up the last loss...runners in the after noon are much harder for me and even harder for long trades against the trend..this is a good TIME for a rally though
stopped at 40.75
Having a tuff time getting over that 1245 It got one tick to it and sold off 5pts in a hurry.

ES near weekly pivot 1237 and I am showing way oversold on a 1 min and 30 min, looks like a good entry I'm going to pick some up @ 38.25
one more time at 38.25...weekly numbers approaching below and in the 2 - 5 point window below the daily S2.....more trade
great minds think alike but do they make great thoughts are that 42 is going to act as a magnet ( high volume)
Yeah...42, if it can get out of the 39 area.
out @ 40.75
cool..always good to have many different types of participants near our numbers....I'm watching those singles in the NQ get tested now from yesterday ..certainly don't want to see a 30 minute close below them but this market is weak and NQ/naz is the leader today
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