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Game Plan for 7/28

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I look for the bear to continue I have some marjor S&R numbers all around 1261 and 1270. But will take either side, I fell tommorow will be a tight day or trending day should be able to tell early on. I am felling like another trending down day like thursday. As I type the markets are only a few ticks from of fridays low
I'm showing some perrty good resistance in the ES here @ 1259-60
seems like leadership has switched to es and dow.,....fascinating..weekly pivot at 1264
Yesterday the low was .75points above the monthly pivot. Daily pivot @ 1262.5-75
There;s no daily pivot @ 1262.5 sorry,
there should be though joe...I have double lines at 62.50...single area form the 24th and 25th high...
Thanks Joe & Jim for explaining the .146 ratio.
BruceM; Do you keep a record of the confirmed single prints? Does the confirmed single print act as a strong supp/res in the future?
yes I do..keep track of anything else sometimes they are real good and other times just a minor bump in the road.

They are usually better in the short term as the markets memory for being rewarded is "fresh" in the other time frame participants mind....

The other thing you want to keep track of are "naked points of control" I can send you a link if you need clarification on that
Thanks Bruce; and "yes" on the link

Do you or any of the M.P. traders watch naked VAL or VAH?? Or just POC?
cool..always good to have many different types of participants near our numbers....I'm watching those singles in the NQ get tested now from yesterday ..certainly don't want to see a 30 minute close below them but this market is weak and NQ/naz is the leader today