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ES up at 1275

I guess the bears should have a lot to say tonight and tomorrow..

36 points above the close on a Sunday night premarket !!!

crazy town is open for business....!

Good luck out there....
the skilled bears, based on the geometry of the market, had covered at fridays lows and were in fact carrying modest positions short in the skf over the weekend expecting new lows in that index before the bear could reassert itself..the unskilled bears.. well i am afraid you are right... they will be buying as we sell once again... charts

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Thanks Roofer....nice charts

My weekly MP chart ( not posted due to laziness) has high volume areas at 1276 ( current overnight high area)..and 1287 above that...on the downside we have the 1237 - 1242 area......low volume falls at the 1251 area....I'm expecting them to fill in value below this 76 I'm bias to the downside up here ....on more area for me is that 61 -64 as that has been a support area and we opened in the 1263 in the overnight.....
I am short ES @ 74, 74 is the last weeks POC, RSI overbought {LOL} this is crazy. I guess it filled in that gap from 9/04.
Fannie and Freddie were taking over by the Gov why the rally 240 DJ 36 on ES? any comments here?

I really like your pitchforks, I haven't used them in years. I started playing around with them again tonight is there any good threads in here on pitchforks?
selling 4 at 1274.50
fun day ,killed 20 on the open ,bought [email protected] 1268.50,covering at 1271... now short
45 day cycle may, or may not have bottomed friday. While i expect the market to run up into the election, im not convinced the bear is dead yet.It took 33 days for the market to climb to 1300 and 3 days to give it all back.That doesnt sound like bull market behavior to me.
charter joe they are on every chart posted at kane private forum...if you would like , i could dump a bunch of recent trades here to show their use.
I would really like that roofer, how does one join the private Kane room?