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ES 09-10-08

fixed Sq 9

Dated Sq 9

I'll post $PREM buy and sell programs in the A.M.
Covering the long from 9/09 @ 1231 +6.00 The reason I longed was 1225 is sq nine and RSI, reason I exited is mid-line fib channel and so I can sleep. See ya'll in the morning.
buying 1234.00,2 point stop
buy one @ 1232.25.. avg. long now 1233.12, 3.5 stop
although generally bearish this week, I believe we will see 1246 today(at least). Also, did any one notice the closing ticks minus over 1000 yesterday? This would be indicative of a short term bounce.
looking for at least 1235.50 on this little up rush.
out at 1236.25. plus 3 handles per. Up 6 for the day
selling one @ 1236.25
downside proj. (1 min, and 5 min.) to 1233.75. playing a 2 point stop .Plan to exit 1234 area.
there it is ...out at 1234.75. up 7.5 today. Have to be careful untill at least 1246 and the lehman announcement at 8:30
correction... 7:30. looking for 1247 or 1258 today
Originally posted by BruceM

Dt any suggestions on how to get all the GEMs from each day ( when applicable ) to a place where some of your readers will find it...?

Someone searching for ideas on the $tick for example will probably not think to look through all these daytrading posts...

Bruce - I echo your sentiment. I've been doing some research on that and there seems to be 2 things that we need to do to accomplish that. One is tagging: e.g. tag someone's post with the words $tick and ES for example. The other other is voting for the post: thumbs up/down. That way you can look at all the posts tagged with $tick in order of popularity.

It won't be available for some months but I'm working with the guys who are working on the new software for the forum and eventual I hope that those ideas will make their way in here.
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