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ES 09-10-08

fixed Sq 9

Dated Sq 9

I'll post $PREM buy and sell programs in the A.M.
stopped at 1234.50... watching
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

Does anyone have a handle on today's value range for the ESU8 based on yesterday's trade? The range posted in the forum is 41.5-69.5. A vendor I use has it as 31.0 - 59.25. A program I use has it as 27.0 - 54.5. These sources' numbers usually match up pretty well so another read on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have 61 vh 32 vl and 46 mean.
TY Popstocks.
Serious lack of volume the first 10 min this am
order in to sell one at 1231.00
sold one more 1233.50,(1232.25 avg.) 3 point stop
looking for 1224, but will no doubt chicken out earlier.
stopped at 1235.25, ...up 5.5 today
So little volume, is there some special news everyone in the pit is waiting for?

Most of the time the day after a large move like yesterday and Monday the market coils itself up on light volume and range bound mode. Its taking a breather so to say.
Originally posted by BruceM

Dt any suggestions on how to get all the GEMs from each day ( when applicable ) to a place where some of your readers will find it...?

Someone searching for ideas on the $tick for example will probably not think to look through all these daytrading posts...

Bruce - I echo your sentiment. I've been doing some research on that and there seems to be 2 things that we need to do to accomplish that. One is tagging: e.g. tag someone's post with the words $tick and ES for example. The other other is voting for the post: thumbs up/down. That way you can look at all the posts tagged with $tick in order of popularity.

It won't be available for some months but I'm working with the guys who are working on the new software for the forum and eventual I hope that those ideas will make their way in here.
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