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es 9-15-08

I got the 1222.25 longs.....high risk and overnight not my specialty...I guess lehman filing and oil rigs on the lose gonna try and bring this I gotta try long side.. ...add point is at 1212....and going in with only three...I'm a chicken..especially in the overnight

concern is that 31 - 35 area.....same one from Friday and Thursday
gap sits at overnight.I'll be surprised if they don't "clean" it up

real resistance sits way up at 1246 - 48 for me
I posted these S/r areas in the 9/14 thread but they'll work Monday too...
natural numbers..

Dated numbers...

Low @ 1215.5 (thus far) Sq root + .25 = 1233
.382 1242.25

High @ 1233 Sq root - .146 1222
.25 1215
.382 1206.25

We covered shorts from 1233 (SQ RT .25) at 22 the .146 area from the high long @ 22.5, hopefully targeting higher highs....

Just covered 1/2 of those longs at the 28.5.... 1230 was first sq root resistance i.e. 1230.75 +17 points in the overnight these movements are wonderful, I have never seen moves so fast at the sq rt .146 area so quick, and this is overnight, .146 move in 9min.....

looks like it may be an active night......perhaps they'll even break the first 30 minute range of the sunday night'm just wondering if the overnight will see the 1205 or the 1245......crazy time indeed....
Well gang, the 45 day cycle is bottoming today as predicted 3 weeks ago. Let me tell you how i played this.If you remember weeks ago i said the ideal end of the cycle was the 15 or 16th. I stated that a great position trading oppurtunity was go short on the 9th, covering on the 15th.Then i said i expected the cycles to "run up into the election".Well i dont have the stomach for a 4 day position trade so i bought an option on the spoos. I covered near 1215 on the 11th.The option had netted 250%. Idid this because the sept contract was at my minimum objective for the cycle low(1211.25).I made over 7 large.Then friday before the close i almost did it again! The set up was nearly perfect. All my charts going out to one hour were overbought and close to issuing sell signals, alas no guts. Im telling this not to show my skill(or dumb luck!) but because an even better oppurtunity will be seen in Jan. 09 when the 120 and 45 day cycles bottom together! The last time for this combo was JULY 15 and you saw what happened there.
buying one
in at 1210.50,3 point stop
buying [email protected] 1208.50
3.5 stop, hope to exit 1210.25
stopped down 10 today.
long 2 at 1208.50.... exiting 1212
buying in overnight at 80.50.....this may get ugly before it gets better for me....
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