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es 9-15-08

I got the 1222.25 longs.....high risk and overnight not my specialty...I guess lehman filing and oil rigs on the lose gonna try and bring this I gotta try long side.. ...add point is at 1212....and going in with only three...I'm a chicken..especially in the overnight

concern is that 31 - 35 area.....same one from Friday and Thursday
No Joe I didn't..I was just coming off those 22 and 05 longs so that was enough for me today.....congrats on that one!!
Originally posted by CharterJoe


Did you short those high volume and tick readings at 39.25? That IB run was fantastic, it did that first hour break through into monthly value like I love to see and then an IB upside breakout, I love MP 10points on that one...

Avg long @ 1206.75, as long as we don't make new lows it looks good....I'll add at the old lows i.e. 1200.75
Looks good 40k on the one min near the bottom, covered longs @ 13.5 i.e. monthly pivot...+6.75
Was another 90% day today.
buying in overnight at 80.50.....this may get ugly before it gets better for me....
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