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es 9-15-08

I got the 1222.25 longs.....high risk and overnight not my specialty...I guess lehman filing and oil rigs on the lose gonna try and bring this I gotta try long side.. ...add point is at 1212....and going in with only three...I'm a chicken..especially in the overnight

concern is that 31 - 35 area.....same one from Friday and Thursday
order to sell [email protected] 1324.50
order to cover 1222.25
clean on all but two contracts at it's ok to hold longer...I hope...
Originally posted by BruceM

I'm long the 22 's and the 05....nice volume spike below the 05 number.....don't like either one so far.....good luck today...we are going to need it
Originally posted by BruceM

I'm just wondering if the overnight will see the 1205 or the 1245......crazy time indeed....

ugh, out too early, 1222.25, up 4 handles today. But iguess a win is a win. For what its worth, i will likly go 100% invested in my 401k today , especially if we can crack 1200. I have been 100% cash since 5/19. (Good luck Bruce!)
Short @ 26
selling one at 1225.50
I'll reverse and double up on an IB breakout to the upside...
selling one more at 1230.25
stop @1233(avg. entry 1227.87)
bailed at 1227.75, due to poor entry. IF THE 45 DAY CYCLE HAS INDEED BOTTOMED, WE WILL SEE A POWERFUL MOVE UP. However the jury reains out untill tomorrow.Note the vix spiked up to above 30 as i mentioned the other day. (30.96). also volumn needs to be very strong today.
buying in overnight at 80.50.....this may get ugly before it gets better for me....