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es 09-16-08 extended hours

feeling short here around 1228,,, waiting to see things mellow out
Well hope this last till the bell, bought some 119 SPY calls earlier today(ES was at 1187), and was upset that I should have sold them earlier...and actually just went long ES @ 22.75
I didn't short at the level I had targeted, I always lack confidence in extended hours because there are no internals to watch....
Sold at 1227.75..... I know what you mean postocks I would love it if the $ticks ran all night, I have found that one min RSI works well in overnight
With a closing Tick of plus 1100 and a Trin close of .46 It seems that buyers may be used up and selling should be the way to go.. the after market up plus 11 points on AIG seems like a good fade....good luck with the overnight trade Joe.... I have 1237 - 1239 as my next big number up top and I don't think they have the power to get it there tonight
Rather than play it overnite and so ican sleep at nite, i bought an oct 1240 call on the big spoos. price...4500. at the close its worth 7000.
huge weekly IB...big players will wait to see what happens at highs or lows....1210 - 1215 critical upside......81 - 87 big downside....big zones to contend with but that's the price we pay to catch bigger moves....

I think fading any first push higher is the play of the day...good luck out there
hit the first big down zone into a minus number from the opening (5.5)..big volume spike and low ticks......this is so repetitious so I'll leave it at that....end this on a positive note.....the first push came lower so selling the higher push is a tougher trade.....but we may just bounce between the two key zones....

I have no more "secrets" to offer but if anyone has any questions about how I do it then post it on the forum.

I'm trying to get to that 1210 but I don't think it will get there.....I'll be surprised if they don't go to get 91.75 from the 1200 area


What did you have for the open for z8? all my charts are screwed up
I have 92.75...
nice plus 8 number today but I didn't reverse....I saw no volume or tick extreme....just pointing it out
dow down 3.27...nas and s&p down 3.85.....divergence is easier to spot if using percentages instead of the 8-10 point each their own
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