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es 09-16-08 extended hours

feeling short here around 1228,,, waiting to see things mellow out
beyond the current lows we have be careful near the 81 as that was where big volume's the lower end of the key zone I mentioned
Originally posted by BruceM

I have 92.75...

mine was 88.50... Thanks
buying 1176.25 if lucky enough to get it.
look at the beautiful 81.....great lesson on support turning into resistance....if we were vendors we would take a snap shot for our course and make it look so volume and lowest $tick sits at 1170 - 74 so that is the new critical area....if we can accept those prices then they should test that 81 again...retail traders watching 79 as a daily number sits there...
dow is trying to hold this up ..I'm not convinced that the low is in today.....would have prefered to see th Dow lead to the lows but it didn't..
wow new lows on the day after the 81 retest....classic stuff.....dow was trying to lead up off those lows......I never count on the Dow leading the market....sometimes it does but more often then not it is a head fake...

that was also a single print test on the day into that 81......very cool stuff
dow down 3.27...nas and s&p down 3.85.....divergence is easier to spot if using percentages instead of the 8-10 point each their own