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Comments: words cant describe the absoulute lunacy we have seen this week!We are up 120 handles onthe spoos in three and a half regular trading hours! And were still down for the week!
Im not sure what kind of hanky panky happened right before the open. Either it s a legit data tream prob. from globex or something
selling 1265.00
looking for 1260, then 1256
bailing before paulson speaks!
out at 4.5 handles.
Not sure if this is true but I heard the most es is allowed to trade is 64 points in globex, after that it gets halted.
On the overnite session there is a circuit breker at 65 points so at 1268.25 trading had to halt untill the open( could have still gone down ,of course) To my knowledge this 5% rule has never been activated.
buying 1242 area.
during the regular session there is a10% rule (unlike the above rule which is 65 points up or down) where trading halts for a small period , etc. again this rule is a down only rule not up
just went long one at 1241.50, 3 point stop
Originally posted by myptofvu

Where did u exit the 67 short?

Actually, i was too late on my entry and didnt get filled! Generally, my orders go in a few seconds before i post. Notice the time on that post(12:40). The market had peaked one minute or two before at 1267.75, but it never got above 1265.75 after my order was in so i didnt get hit. Too bad cause it would have been a really good trade.Thats why i made no comment about being stopped out or exiting with a profit. PS: sorry i didnt answer earlier, crazy day!